Difficulties explained

Points Difficulty Color Explanation
25 SANITY Very easy challenges. Flag is not hidden very well. Just a sanity check
50 NOOB 🟣 Basic stuff like different encodings or alphabets
100 EASY 🟢 Still pretty basic but lesser known stuff where a bit of googling might be required
150 NOVICE 🔵 Harder than EASY but not as hard as MEDIUM
200 MEDIUM 🟡 Medium, hard for some, easy for others
300 HARD 🔴 Challenges that really require some thinking and time
400 INSANE Very hard and time consuming challenges, topic knowledge is probably required
500 IMPOSSIBLE 😈 Not actually impossible, but extremely difficult and only made to separate the good from the best
1000 HAVE FUN ☠️ Well, have fun...